Restoration & Project Management: Lynbrook of Annapolis

Lynbrook of Annapolis is a third-generation restoration and new construction residential contractor. Lynbrook has accumulated decades of experience restoring and managing the construction of multiple historic buildings in the city of Annapolis, as well as several others located in the counties of Anne Arundel, Queen Anne, Howard and Talbot. Many of these estates are listed in the Maryland Historic Trust. Lynbrook's employees are diligently trained in old-world craftsmanship; they consider the duplication of historic building materials a daily task, and a precious opportunity to apply their highly specialized skill set. Lynbrook also has expertise in conforming to the requirements laid down by the US Park Service Restoration Guidelines.  With experts in restoration, exquisite craftsmen and exceptional custom millwork shop capabilities, Lynbrook is one of the most recognized names in restoration and project management in the state of Maryland. For the Cloverfields project, Lynbrook leads, coordinates and manages all team members and consultants, and is managing the construction.


Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Illustration: Kimmel Studio Architects - Buildings & Gardens

Devin Kimmel, of Kimmel Studio Architects, is an award-winning Licensed Architect, Licensed Landscape Architect and Illustrator. He has traveled to Europe numerous times to study and sketch and has a great understanding of classical proportions and detailing. Kimmel has taught courses on classical drawing and on understanding classical buildings at the graduate school of architecture at the University of Maryland. His design for the National WWI Memorial in Washington DC was shortlisted to the final five from over 350 entries. For the Cloverfields restoration project, Kimmel is the lead architect and the lead landscape architect. He will develop the master plan, the design and the working drawings necessary to restore the house and gardens. One of the advantages of having Kimmel in our team is that besides providing us with his expertise with planning, architecture and landscape architecture, he can produce beautiful drawings and renderings of the project. These can prove invaluable when producing educational material.


Historical Architectural Research: Retrospect Architectural Research

Our historic team is composed of three renowned experts: Willie Graham, Sherri Marsh Johns, and Michael O. Bourne. 

Graham was the curator of architecture for Colonial Williamsburg from 1981 to 2016. During his 35-year tenure he oversaw the restoration and reconstruction of numerous Williamsburg buildings, including a coffeehouse, a public armory and the town's market house. He has consulted on some of the nations's most important historic sites. They include, among others, statehouses in Maryland and South Carolina, as well as Mount Vernon, Montpellier and Highland. He has also written extensively on colonial architecture. He recently contributed four different essays to the award-winning anthology The Chesapeake House: Architectural Investigation by Colonial Williamsburg (2013). His essays are on timber framing techniques, interior and exterior joinery and plasterwork, paint analysis and historical finishes. For the Cloverfields restoration project, Graham will work as a consultant architectural historian.

Johns has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of architectural research, historic preservation, and cultural resource management. She founded her firm, Retrospect Architectural Research, llc, in 2006. The firm is especially strong in the historical architecture of the state of Maryland. She has consulted on a variety of projects involving National Register and National Historic Landmark properties. She exceeds National Park Service professional standards in the areas of history and architectural history, and has a demonstrated proficiency in interpreting the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties. Johns is also a former collegiate educator, having taught preservation courses for Goucher College for 12 years. She shares her expertise as an officer, or on the board of directors of several museums and preservation organizations. Johns will serve as the Cloverfields project’s research historian and coordinate with technical specialists for anticipated tasks including dendrochronology, paint analysis, archaeology and period interior decoration. She will consult with other historians, including Graham and Bourne.

Bourne’s name is recognized by anyone who has an even superficial acquaintance with the history of American architecture and particularly of the architecture of the state of Maryland. Even more specifically, Bourne is an expert in the architecture of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. He has previously, on multiple occasions, studied Cloverfields. The titles of some of his books show he has deep Maryland roots: Historic Houses of Kent County: An Architectural History, 1642-1860 (1998), Architecture and Change in the Chesapeake: A Field Tour on the Eastern and Western Shores (1998), and A History of Airy Hill, Chestertown, Maryland (1688-1996): The People, The Land, The Houses (1996). He has also contributed to other volumes, including, for example, Where Land and Water Intertwine: An Architectural History of Talbot County, Maryland (1984). For the Cloverfields restoration project, Bourne will work as a consultant architectural historian.


Archaeology: Applied Archaeology and History Associates

Jeanne A. Ward, RPA is the president of Applied Archaeology and History Associates, Inc. (AAHA). Ward’s experience encompasses both historic and prehistoric archaeology, with a specific research interest in 18th to 19th-century plantation archaeology. Ward’s professional qualifications exceed all US Department of the Interior criteria for archaeologists and historians (36 CFR 61).  In addition, she is a Registered Professional Archaeologist (RPA). Ward is the author, co-author, or contributor to over 350 cultural resources management reports and has presented numerous papers at professional conferences. For the Cloverfields restoration project she will act as resources management consultant.