Cloverfields is a unique and important remnant of early Maryland architecture and culture. It was constructed at the beginning of the eighteenth century. Since then the house has undergone several transformations, including a renovation in the high Georgian fashion done toward the end of eighteenth century. Recognizing the historical significance of the house and grounds, in 2017 the Cloverfields Preservation Foundation decided to restore it.

The multi-year restoration will encompass both the exterior and interior of Cloverfields. The first step will consist in conducting research on the original fabric of Cloverfields. We will then replace the systems of the house as well as some missing parts of the original fabric. As a final step, we will restore the finishes, including plaster, paint, masonry and wood elements. We will also conduct research on the gardens, and we will restore some elements of the landscape.

Once complete, for the first time, future generations will be able to visit the site and experience in person a mostly undiscovered portion of the history of Maryland. The site will be useful for preservation research, educational programming, and exhibitions showcasing the history and architecture of Cloverfields.